Bros come first! And for Joseph Duggar and his big brother John-David Duggar, that held true when John was the first to find out the sex of Joe and Kendra Caldwell‘s baby. In last night’s new episode of Counting On, we saw the couple and their brother take a trip to the doctor’s office. Joe and Kendra didn’t want to know, though. Actually, they didn’t want anyone to know — except for John. In true Duggar family fashion, they recruited a sibling to host their gender reveal party, and the responsibility fell on John’s shoulders, which also meant that, doctors and nurses aside, he was the only one who knew whether Joe and Kendra were having a boy or girl until the big surprise. 

“We decided not to find out out so we could all be surprised at the same time,” Kendra told cameras excitedly. “We decided to be surprised with the rest of the family, that way we don’t have to try and keep the secret ourselves.” John, however, is an excellent secret keeper. “I definitely trust John to keep the secret,” said Joe. “He’s very trustworthy guy and one who, he won’t let the cat out of the bag.” 

But while he was solemnly sworn to secrecy, John wasn’t worried about taking the whole thing too seriously. “Nothing you can do is going to work to pull that information out of me, except for maybe we could talk a price,” he joked with producers. “This is world changing stuff right here. I mean, this is information that dictates whether the room is going to be painted pink or whether it is going to be painted blue.”

We guess his work with law enforcement came in handy when protecting the sensitive information — and planning the party itself, which included firing a gun at a powder canister so that it would explode in a cloud of blue smoke. How fun is that? Of course, viewers at home had already found out that Joe and Kendra were having a baby boy when TLC shared the clip online back in February. “Wow! We are so happy to learn that our firstborn is a boy!” Joe and Kendra shared on the Duggar family blog at the time. “Our minds are already racing toward all the future memories to be made with this little guy!” And since little Garrett Duggar’s birth in June, they’re off to a great start. 

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