Another day, another Kardashian debacle. On Jan. 5, Kris Jenner tweeted that her daughter Kendall Jenner would be sharing her “raw story” to help other people. Unfortunately, fans were severely disappointed and upset when they learned the next day that the big announcement was that the model had struggled with acne in her teens and she is now the new face of Proactiv. Behind the scenes, the 23-year-old is upset with all the criticism she has been receiving after the commercial aired, a source revealed to In Touch.

“Kendall isn’t responding very to the backlash regarding her acne ad. She’s depressed and hurt by the comments,” a source exclusively told In Touch. “It’s bringing up the same feelings she had when her Pepsi commercial was attacked as incentive and tone-deaf. Looking for sympathy from bullying is one thing, but getting paid big bucks for it doesn’t fly.”

To recap, the reality star starred in a Pepsi commercial in April 2017, in which a group of young people carried signs that read “Join the conversation,” while they marched through the streets. Kendall offered a police officer a can of Pepsi, and the protesters clapped. Sounds pretty innocent, right? Well, Kendall was immediately swarmed with comments, where people said the ad underestimated the Black Lives Matter movement. Pepsi ended up taking the ad down, and Kendall admitted on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she “would never purposely hurt someone ever.”

Now, the brunette beauty seems to be re-living her nightmare over again. “She’s extremely upset,” the source continued. “Kendall feels like she’s clearly not getting good advice on what to promote, or at least on how to execute it in a non-offensive manner. Someone dropped the ball and Kendall, once again, was left stuck holding the bag. Kendall’s Proactiv check is going to clear, but it’s her name and her brand that suffer.”

She also might lose a lot of credit with her fans, too, as they were not happy that the Victoria’s Secret model embellished the truth. “Is Kendall Jenner’s announcement really that she has minor acne,” one Twitter user wrote, while another echoed, “So, Kendall Jenner’s announcement was a commercial for acne treatment. I HAVE TO SCREAM.”

Welp, Kenny, it sounds like you better get momager Kris Jenner to help you with this dilemma ASAP.

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