It’s that time of year! Kate Gosselin‘s kids are heading back to school, but fans noticed a couple faces were missing from the famous bunch. The Kate Plus 8 star took to Instagram to share the sweet snap on Aug. 23 and revealed it was taken one day prior. Not pictured? Hannah and Collin. 

“This was yesterday!” the 43-year-old captioned the pic. “Feels like school never ended… and they’re already back! #SeniorYear ?? #EighthGrade #ProudMom ❤️”

In 2016, Kate’s son — whom she shares with her estranged ex-husband, Jon Gosselin — was enrolled in a program that assists children with special needs. At the time, Kate opened up about her struggle to deal with it all on her own. She said, “Collin has special needs. [There’s] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things. This has been a struggle we’ve had for a very long time, and it’s one I’ve dealt with on my own. I’ve felt very alone in this. By the same token, it’s not something that has only impacted me or him — our entire family has been impacted.”

Most recently, fans called out the fact that Collin was noticeably missing from a pool pic. “You forgot Collin!” one person wrote on the photo from earlier this month. Another added, “Please bring Colin home!!” and a third judger asked, “Soooo, Collin doesn’t even get to spend the summer with his siblings??” 

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Despite peoples’ pleas, it sounds like he’s been thriving. A source close to Kate told Hollywood Life, “Kate doesn’t want Collin on camera very much because all the stimulation can be difficult for him.” They added, “Kate decided to send him to a facility because she thought it was best for him. Now it seems that Collin is flourishing, and he’s responding very well to one-on-one instruction. He definitely finds it easier to function and cope better without all the chaos that his home life entails.”

Meanwhile, rumors have been swirling that Hannah lives with Jon. The now 14-year-old spent the Fourth of July with her old man, and in May, E! News reported that they are, indeed, under the same roof. “Hannah has been living with Jon full-time for quite a while. They have a great relationship.” That said, a source told People earlier this week that Kate still “maintains full custody of all eight of her kids,” sextuplets — Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin — and 17-year-old twins Mady and Cara. 

Although it sounds like Jon’s relationship with his daughter is going well, the same can’t be said for the twins. “He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane,” Mady told People in August 2016. “He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen.” She added, “He doesn’t even know us. How can he dare to talk about us?”

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