She’s just being a mom! Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 on TLC spoke at a panel during the 2019 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour on Tuesday, February 12, and said she’s “very protective” of her kids. But honestly, aren’t most parents? And Kate does have eight of them to look after, which has got to be daunting.

“It comes from a place of love,” Kate, 43, said. “I do think that I care so deeply that I have been, at times, overzealous. But, as far as Mady and Cara, particularly, and all the kids, I think that they’re such good girls that I don’t have to keep after them. They’re self-driven.” That’s good news!

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Kate continued, “They have goals and dreams, and they’re just good kids. And it is scary nowadays, all the things we have to worry about, about social media and whatever, and I don’t — I am worried but, particularly, with them turning 18 going off to college soon, I don’t have to worry. They’re very wise, good decision-makers. I don’t know what I did to deserve such amazing kids, but they blow me away every day.”

Kate’s oldest daughters are 18, and are indeed going off to college soon and were at the panel with her. But she wants all of her kids, no matter their ages, to be able to watch her new dating show, Kate Plus Date and “not feel cringey and uncomfortable.” We’re sure they appreciate that! It’s got to be awkward enough to see your mom’s dating exploits play out on TV — no need for things to get steamy!

Kate and Jon Gosselin share eight kids — Alexis, Hannah, Collin, Leah, Aaden, Joel, Mady, and Cara. Much of their young lives played out for viewers at home on Jon and Kate Plus 8, but in this new show, it sounds like Kate will be the star. Overprotective tendencies and all!

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