This poor kid. A 2-year-old boy named Julen Rosello fell into a 10-inch-wide borehole on January 13 and is still stuck down there according to The Mercury News. The drilling team trying to rescue him finished a 200-foot-deep shaft parallel to the borehole on January 21, but ran into “technical difficulties.” Here’s everything you need to know about this tricky, dangerous situation.

Where Is Julen Stuck?

Julen is trapped in a deep well in southern Spain, according to Reuters. The Mercury News reports that he fell while his family was picnicking on a private estate in Totalán, in the province of Málaga. The well is reportedly just 10 inches wide and more than 300 feet deep, and it’s believed that Julen is at least 220 feet down.

Julen Rosello
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Is Julen Alive?

Unfortunately, authorities aren’t sure if Julen survived the fall. The Mercury News reports that there have been no signs of life since he fell, but according to Reuters, officials said they haven’t lost hope of finding the little boy alive. However, ABC 13 out of Houston, Texas reports that rescuers believe he is alive. It’s really anyone’s guess until they actually get to the toddler.

What’s The Latest Update On Julen?

NBC News reported on January 17 that technical difficulties slowed rescue operations, and that appears to still be the case. The Mercury News reports that the challenge lies in the process of inserting metal pipes into the parallel shaft rescuers created to shore it up — pipes that will have to be removed and the shaft widened, a spokeswoman for the regional government told the outlet. She reportedly said, “It is impossible to estimate how long it will take. The operation has already begun.”

NBC also reported that Julen’s parents have been waiting at the surface as the search continues. Julen’s father, Jose Rosello, told reporters on January 16, “My wife is broken … We are dead inside.”

Tragically, the little boy’s parents also lost their 3-year-old son suddenly while walking along a beach not far from the area back in 2017, according to Reuters. The Telegraph reported on January 16 that Julen’s elder brother, Oliver, suffered a heart attack and passed away. We really hope the toddler gets out of this just fine, and the family is reunited soon. Our hearts are with them and the rescuers working tirelessly to get to him.

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