Missing teen Jayme Closs was miraculously found alive after being seen 70 miles north of her family’s home in Gordon, WI, and now the 911 call made by her rescuers has been released. The person who spoke with the dispatcher said a neighbor walked up to the house with Jayme and asked them to call the police.

“I’m not up here very often in the winter, just happened to come up today. I didn’t want to bring her to my cabin,” the neighbor said once the phone was handed to her, before explaining how she came into contact with Jayme. “I was walking my dog and we were almost home and she was walking toward me, crying, saying, ‘You gotta help me, you gotta help me.’ So, I didn’t want to go into my cabin because it’s too close to [her alleged kidnapper] Patterson’s house.”

911 Call Reveals What Happened When Jamye Closs Was Miraculously Found
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“His name is Jake Patterson, Jake Thomas Patterson. So, we’re kinda scared because he might come, so if the cops could get here soon,” the neighbor continued. The dispatcher wanted to confirm Jayme’s identity and the neighbor explained, “She said, ‘He killed my parents, I want to go home, help me.’” The neighbor claimed Jayme appeared to be cold and in shock.

“[Jayme] has no idea where he is, she told me that when he leaves her she doesn’t know that he’s gone, he turns the music up real loud…he hides her under a bed, he’s the only one that lives there,” the neighbor said. On the line, Jayme’s rescuers could be heard doing anything to make her feel comfortable, like offering her a drink and a blanket.

Shortly after Jayme was found on January 10, her suspected abductor was arrested. Jayme went missing in October, around the same time her parents, James, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, were found dead in their home two counties away from where she was later discovered. It’s believed the 21-year-old man killed Jayme’s parents and kidnapped her, but the case is still under investigation. Jayme has since been reunited with her loved ones and she’ll reportedly be living with her aunt as she focuses on healing.

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