No one’s first kiss ever goes perfectly, but for Josiah Duggar and his new bride Lauren Swanson, it was their second kiss that was the trouble. Well, it was more of an “almost” kiss than anything, actually, because when Josiah went to lay one on his wife after their first, official marital swoop, she totally rebuffed him — and in front of everyone. Considering the Duggar family’s strict courting rules, the couple obviously didn’t really get the chance to practice how things would go at the altar. Still, we doubt that either of them expected that it would turn out like that

On their wedding episode of Counting On, the TLC stars walked down the aisle so that they could tie the knot and finally, finally kiss. As they said during their interviews, waiting those four months was a long time! But despite all that practice Josiah got kissing his hand, things still didn’t quite go according to plan. Though the 22-year-old groom asked his bride to “stay still…and then kind of go with it” during their first kiss, she stayed a little too still when he attempted a second. A fan made a GIF of the moment and it’s, well, incredibly cringey. 

josiah duggar and lauren swanson's second kiss at wedding

Photo Credit: TLC

Think it was maybe some kind of prank? Josiah’s siblings pulled off a bunch of practical jokes during his big day in revenge for all the pranks he’s pulled on everyone else during theirs. Maybe Lauren decided to get in on the fun? Or maybe she just wasn’t trying to get too passionate with her dad not even a foot away from them? That would be a little hard to believe, though, considering their first kiss involved the couple fully embracing as they wrapped their arms around each other, Josiah cupped her cheek, and they exchanged a long, heated kiss that even involved a dip. 

In fact, their first kiss was so steamy that there was plenty of oohs, ahhs, and woos from the audience. “Our first kiss was like an early Fourth of July fireworks party,” Lauren said later in the episode as her husband mimed fireworks. During the ceremony, there was even a whole round of applause before the couple finally separated, Josiah turning to the audience to wiggle his eyebrows at them before jokingly wiping his mouth. It was then that he went in for the second kiss — and we’ve seen now how that turned out, with Lauren giggling as Siah awkwardly kissed her nose and then wagged a finger at her.

“That’s not bad for a first kiss. What do you think guys?” Lauren’s dad said to the audience. Personally, we think it could still use some work — but now that they’re offcially married, both on the show and IRL, we’re sure they’ll have plenty of opportunities to find their perfect rhythm. And based on their Instagram, they’re doing a pretty good job already. 

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