If you’ve been watching Counting On or were a fan of 19 Kids and Counting, then you already know that the Duggars live by strict sets of rules when it comes to the way that they can dress, interact with members of the opposite sex (including their siblings), and go on dates. There are also rules about social media — namely, that you’re not allowed to have any until you’re married or at least engaged. But recently, Jessa Duggar set out to debunk that myth on an Instagram album of Jana Duggar and Jessa’s trip to the store to buy more than a dozen pumpkins.

When fans saw the post, they were excited to see more shots of the oldest Duggar daughter out and about. And in the comments, they wanted to know how they could find her own social media accounts. “What is Jana’s Instagram handle? I’d like to follow her x,” wrote one fan. Another quickly responded, “I think their family has their own rule that they can’t have their own social media until they are in a relationship.” Watch the video above to see what Jessa said and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Well, that would certainly explain why Josiah Duggar had an Instagram account way before he was ever engaged to anyone. But it also just seems kind of fishy. Duggar kids aren’t allowed to text their girlfriends and boyfriends without including their parents in a group chat. So why would they be given free access to sites like Instagram and Twitter where you can send DMs and private pictures? If the kids aren’t given free reign on the Internet, why would they be able to search photos of all kinds of things in the hashtags on Instagram?

And plenty of the family’s followers weren’t buying it either. They took to reddit to discuss it. “Lies, lmao,” commented one user simply, continuing, “It’s like when a new couple starts courting and they always remind folks that they ‘chose’ their own courting rules. Like….” Others agreed. “There are a lot of coincidences in this family….like how they all wear skirts have long hair and have home births……” wrote another reddit user, with a third adding, “And wait till engagement to hold hands and marriage to have their first kiss…..ya know just coincidence that so far they all have chosen to do that.”

It’s certainly possible that it is a coincidence, but the show’s viewers have noticed that Jessa has a knack for that PR spin in the past, and they don’t doubt she’s putting it to use now. “I’ve noticed Jessa is quite savvy about this kind of thing,” read a comment on reddit. “She knows that people think the idea of that rule is controlling and abnormal so she denies it. If it might make the family look bad publicly, she spins it. JB trained her well…. I noticed in a recent episode of Counting On the girls were asked how many diapers they’ve changed in their lives and Jana and Jinger both were like ‘thousands’ and then they go to Jessa and she says ‘well our parents changed most of the diapers growing up…’ Sure Jan. ?”

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