Did Josh Duggar once hint at his molestation scandal? The disgraced former TLC star has bascially been in hiding since In Touch broke the news that Josh molested his younger sisters when he was 15 years old back in 2015. Needless to say, fans who got to know Josh and his famous large family on the now-defunct reality TV series 19 Kids and Counting were shocked because the Duggar family tried to portray themselves as a wholesome, Christian family when they were hiding such a dark secret. But now, eagle-eyed reddit users think Josh hinted that he failed at battling "temptation" in his teens — one year before it was made public.

"As I became a young man I was constantly tempted to have lots of wrong thoughts and often battled to keep my heart right," Josh wrote in an excerpt from his family's 2014 book, Growing Up Duggar. "One of the greatest things that helped me in my struggles was my parents’ commitment to accountability. They were faithful to talk with each one of us children — if we were willing to share honestly and openly with them — to maintain a clear conscience. I learned quickly that great freedom can be achieved by accountability but that deep accountability requires humility and openness. I often had failures in my early teenage years but found that I had a clear conscience only when I was willing to confess my thoughts and temptations quickly to God and to my parents. (See 1 John 1:9.)"

It seems like Josh was alluding to exactly what happened when he was a teen, according to police documents. Once he confessed what he had done to his sisters, his parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar then sent him away to a faith-based counseling facility and was later "forgiven" for what he had done.

Of course, that is what really riled up redditors. "How sad and smug is that quote, 'I did horrible s–t, but I get away consequence free because I told mommy and daddy I did it,'" one user wrote, while another commented, "It’s interesting how his quote is all about accountability, but they don’t take accountability for their own decisions."

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