In 2015, the world finally saw Josh Duggar’s true colors after In Touch Weekly unearthed years-old police documents revealing that when he himself was underage, he forcibly fondled five underage women — including four of his sisters. Shortly thereafter, Josh’s public persona began to unravel — including the moment he checked in to rehab following news that he attempted to cheat on his wife, Anna, via an Ashley Madison account. Since then, he has remained largely out of the spotlight, leaving many to wonder what his life is like post-rehab. In a rare update from a Duggar family insider, it was revealed that he hasn’t changed at all despite his many, many years in “treatment.”

In a reddit “Ask Me Anything” with someone “verified” as being familiar with the Duggars, a redditor named annalove178 said that Josh doesn’t seem like someone who “seems like he’d be a whole lot of fun to be married to.” When another user asked him/her to elaborate on their interactions with Josh, the user explained, “He just stares at every girl he meets like she is an object for him to do something with. Most of the Duggar boys are very respectful and are good at keeping their eyes up, Josh never has been and I know he was reprimanded a lot for his wandering eye as a kid.”

josh duggar molestation

Even a full year after he completed treatment, there were reports that he was still receiving “regular treatment” for his sex addiction. Throughout his time in the residential rehab facility, his family was met with criticism due to the type of treatment they sought for Josh.

He went to a “faith-based” program and was counseled by a pastor, rather than a licensed professional equipped to handle his complex issues, which included an affair and an alleged addiction to both sex and Internet pornography. He was said to be getting treatment based in the treatments by Bill Gothard — the controversial figurehead whose teachings the Duggars turned to when Josh was a teenager and he confessed to molesting his younger sisters.

At the time of the 30-year-old’s initial stint in rehab, many felt Gothard himself was ill-equiped to handle the complex issues he faced — both as an adult, and when he was a teenager — as Gothard himself has found himself in the center of sexual assault allegations. He has been accused of sexual assault by countless women who previously followed his teachings — though at least one of the cases has since been dropped.

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