First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… Wait a second! Are Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell gearing up to announce their first pregnancy?! The adorable duo just tied the knot on Sept. 8, but fans are already desperate for a new Duggar baby!

Joe and Kendra have been radio silent since they returned from their Grecian honeymoon in October, and fans are getting desperate for some answers. The Duggars posted a baby photo of Joseph on Dec. 4, and one fan practically begged for information. “How is this guy doing??? We need updates!!! I love him and Kendra; they are the cutest couple EVER!!!! Hope to hear from them soon!” Perhaps the pair has been so quiet because they’re trying for, or heck, maybe even preparing for, a baby! Plus, Kendra did hide behind her mom in a recent photo, and we can’t help but wonder if she was trying to obscure a bump! In the family’s recent Thanksgiving photo, she was wearing plenty of layers to make it impossible to tell.

Even weeks after the wedding fans were hoping Kendra was pregnant. On a video from their honeymoon, fans were already speculating. “Did she get knocked up?” asked one fan.Baby? Hurry!!! Take a pregnancy test lol” wrote another.

Fans are just hoping Kendra will follow the Duggar pattern of jumping right into parenthood as soon as they’re married. Joy-Anna Duggar, for instance, teased that she’s 18 weeks pregnant… 18 weeks after getting married. Talk about a productive wedding night!

It wouldn’t be impossible for Joe and Kendra to already have conceived, but chances are we won’t hear about it from them until after at least the first trimester, which is typical for pregnancies. For now, they’re only telling fans how wonderful married life is.

“It’s really an amazing feeling to know it’s official, and we’re really married,” Joe told People
“We’re just enjoying every bit of it,” he added.”One of the most enjoyable things about being married to Joe is just being together so much,” continued Kendra, savoring the end of the intense rules the Duggars have forbidding PDA before marriage. “I can hug him, kiss him, talk with and be with him all the time. Being with your best friend makes marriage amazing.”

Kendra and Joe seemed content with focusing on each other while on their honeymoon. “The one thing that we will probably never forget about this trip is being together in another country and just getting to experience all these new things,” Kendra explained in a TLC video. Only time will tell if one of those “things” was making their first baby!

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