Raising well-rounded children is super important to Jon Gosselin and he thinks public school is the secret to doing so. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star, 42, discussed why his children Hannah and Collin, who are in his custody, go to public school while the other four, who live with Kate Gosselin, go to private school on the “First Class Fatherhood” podcast on Monday, February 3.

“I want my kids to come to me and tell me everything, but I also want them to experience the world and make mistakes and be free and express themselves freely,” Jon began to explain, adding Kate, 44, has a different set of beliefs. “I think my ex tries to control every single thing and tries to set a standard and this and that and don’t walk outside the boundaries.” While the blonde takes more of an authoritarian approach to parenting, Jon thinks that too much control can be detrimental to a child’s ability to adapt.

Collin Hannah Gosselin Having a Blast Vacation Dad Jon
Courtesy of Jon Gosselin/Instagram

“They’re going to go off to college and [going to] experience the world. But if they don’t have a foundation, how are they going to function without any self-reliance or any guidance with no skills to go into that world when they leave home?” he asked. “I’m trying to build that now through adolescence.”

Jon continued to explain how the children who reside with him go to a “huge” public school, in order to see a variety of people from different backgrounds. “I think that they’re going to be more well-rounded when they go off to college than my other four who are in private school [and] only have 50 kids in their grade.”

While Jon is busy preparing his 15-year-olds for university, his eldest daughters, Cara and Mady, are already in their freshman year. The two appear to be adjusting well to their new endeavor. Jon shared how Cara is a part of the crew team, although the rest of his children didn’t have an interest in sports. As for Mady, she is on her way to being a social media influencer as she continues to rise to fame on Instagram. Seems like Jon has the parenting thing down.

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