We already knew that Jinger Duggar is one of our favorite Duggar family siblings — but looking through the family's official Instagram, it seems like she may be one of the favorite siblings of the Duggars themselves, too. We already knew that the so-called rebel Duggar daughter used to absolutely dominate the family's Instagram feed, and figured there was a good chance that she ran the social media account. But now we have another theory brewing, too. Chances are, there were so many pictures of her up on the 'gram because her siblings straight up just always want to take pictures with her.

It's clear that, of all the Duggars, Jinger is the social selfie queen (though Joy-Anna Duggar gives her a good run for her money, and Jessa Duggar loves to mug for the camera solo). She's snapped and shared pics with almost every member of her family — which is quite the feat when you consider that she's got a grand total of 18 siblings. Sure, it's definitely possible that Jinger is the one squeezing her younger and older sibs into the shot and demanding that they say cheese, but considering how few pictures anyone has with Josh Duggar, it's clear there's still some bias at play here. The Duggar siblings on the outs are out of the photos, but Jinger's still in.

Think they all admire how she set her sights on getting out of Tontitown, Arkansas and then actually made it happen? Or maybe she's just genuinely nice to them and not mean like Jessa allegedly is? (Okay, Jessa's more passive-aggressive, but still.) Then again, if we were talking about who the best sibling is, Jana Duggar would win on generoisty of spirit alone. There must just be something special about Jinger that wins her favorite sibling… and we doubt it has anything to do with being a good helper. Check it out the photos below to see all the proof that Jinger is the most popular Duggar sibling around.