Talk about coming full circle! Just a few days after the Duggar family was slammed for an old baby picture of Jinger Duggar (in which she’s not quite adequately dressed for the winter weather) the 23-year-old made a point of sharing a new picture in the snow with her husband — and made a point to dress the part with pants! Check out the video to see her rock the wintery look to celebrate the snow in Texas!

Jinger Duggar kicked off a trend among her siblings of rebelling against their family’s ultra-religious and conservative upbringing. In their childhood, the young Duggar ladies had to follow their parents’ strict guides of modesty — which meant girls had to wear skirts at all times, and keep their knees and elbows covered.

As the girls have gotten older and they’ve started to branch away from their family’s rules, fans of Counting On have speculated that the Duggars’ unusual rules may all be an act and a play for ratings. As one fan on reddit explained, “The entire Duggar brand is ‘Look how conservative we are!’ Yet they seem to be getting less and less conservative.” There’s plenty of evidence as to how their values have changed — not only do they wear pants and use social media, but Jill Duggar even has a nose ring and a henna tattoo — but with their “brand” and show being a main source of their income, it’s unlikely that they will ever change their ways. “They like the fame and TLC money, so they’re going to pretend to keep all the same beliefs. I’m not saying they’re liberals or atheists by any means. I just think they’ve changed so much and become worldly.”

Well, these are definitely changes we can get on board with. Keep it up, Jinge!

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