When it comes to gender reveal parties, the Duggars have already had plenty, so if you want yours to be original, you’ve got to get pretty creative. That’s what Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo did when they decided to host an obstacle course party, splitting the family into two teams to compete to see which set of grandparents would get the chance to actually reveal the gender of the couple’s baby. But Jing and Jer might have gotten a little too creative when planning the game. In fact, it seems like a whole bunch of their family members, both Duggars and Vuolos, were just not super into it. 

In the competition, the teams were required to chow down on ice cream as fast as they can, spin in circles, hula hoop, hop around, and crawl through a small tunnel fit for mainly five-year-olds. “I thought Jinger and Jeremy’s idea was, you know, creative,” big sister Jana Duggar shared sort of reluctantly in this week’s episode of Counting On. “There were a few things I was like, ‘I’m not so sure about doing this.'” Judging by everyone else’s faces, they weren’t so sure either. Check it out in the clip below. 

Did you catch those faces? While some of the kids seemed a bit confused by the activities, the adults in the group looked straight up concerned. Jim Bob’s eyebrows were furrowed together during pretty much the entire thing — and he even voiced his worries about people not fitting into the tunnel. Even Jeremy was honestly just not that into it. “I think you should show us,” Jana suggested about how to complete the course, with Jeremy hedging, “Well…”

When it was just him and the cameras, he opened up even further. “I am thrilled not to be participating in the actual relay race,” he admits. Contrast that with little Josie, who’s definitely small enough to complete all of the obstacles and you’d think would be excited about the ice cream. But even she’s looking at the whole thing and then at Jeremy like, “You want me to do what?”

jessa duggar frowns at jinger and jeremy's obstacle course

Photo Credit: TLC

Honestly, Jessa Duggar‘s face says it all — and so does Laura DeMasie’s and Grandma Duggar’s and Jim Bob’s and Jana’s and even little Meredith’s. Straight up, none of them have a good feeling about this. And when it all ended in brain freeze, well, we knew they were pretty much right. But hey, at least none of the other Duggar moms had done that before, right? Next time, though, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to stick to the traditional cake reveal. 

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