It’s hardly news that the Duggar kids don’t go to school in the traditional sense. Instead, they stay home and are homeschooled by mom Michelle Duggar — or, more recently, oldest sis Jana Duggar and her BFF (and not-girlfriend, she made sure to specify that recently on Twitter) Laura DeMasie. But things just may be changing now that Derick Dillard is off at law school and bringing his wife Jill Duggar along to his classes for date nights. 

On this week’s episode of Dishin’ on the Duggars, we’re talking about the state of everyone’s education — and, of course, everything else that’s been going on this week. Jim Bob Duggar showering his wife in compliments? We’re on it. Gideon Forsyth being an adorable baby? We wouldn’t miss it. Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson heading out on a married adventure? You know we’ve got something to say about the family’s RV trips. Listen in to the podcast in full above, and check out the highlights below. 

Is Jill Duggar soaking up some of that law knowledge via osmosis?

Sure, she may not even have an actual 12th grade education, let alone a college degree, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still glean something from Derick’s classes. And hey, sitting beside him while they go over torts and contract law (and yes, we did just google law school curriculum, although for your information we already knew the word torts because occasionally in addition to Counting On we’ll watch an actually scripted show and some of those shows are about lawyers) means some of that must be penetrating, right? After all, Jill was basically a teacher herself when it came time for the little siblings to start kitchen table school. She’s practically an academic. 

Does Jana Duggar have any secret romances?

If you ask Derick or Laura, no. But if you ask us and tons of other fans, well, it’s a distinct possibility! Obviously, we can’t confirm or deny much — and Jana’s BFF and brother-in-law have denied the most popular fan theory — but there’s such a thing as positive thinking, okay? Look, we just want the girl to have some love in her lives and preferably more contact with fellow adults than what comes with co-teaching Josie her ABCs or chasing after Jessa Duggar‘s kids Spurgeon and Henry while visited Jinger Duggar in Laredo. 

Is Derick Dillard irrelevant?

We mean, grand scheme, no, because he’s constantly doing things that are relevant to the rest of the Counting On cast and weighing in on what’s happening behind the scenes. But short answer, yes, because our queen Jazz Jennings said so, and on this subject, she gets the final word. We stan. 

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