Samuel Dillard is not a fan of storytime! The tiny tot attempted to sit down with his dad and big brother, but clearly, he was planning his escape. After Derick read a few lines from a Christian children’s book, Israel, 3, exclaimed, “He’s trying to get out!” TBH, we can’t say we blame him. Watch the video above to see the clip!

The 29-year-old and his wife, Jill Duggar, disabled comments on the YouTube video, but we’re sure people would’ve had something to complain about. The couple receives backlash on the reg, most recently, when they decided to let Izzy pose with Pistol Pete, the mascot for Oklahoma State University. 

“I am so tired of seeing Pistol Pete. He is a false idol in my opinion,” someone commented on Jill’s Instagram photo. “Why are this child and false idol making the ‘L’ shape with their fingers? That means loser! I learned that from my grandkids. What a horrible thing to teach a small child,” another added. “Maybe give the kid a real thrill and take him to Disney, not to Pistol Pete WTF,” a third chimed in.

Derick graduated from OSU back in 2011, and the mascot actually holds a special place in his heart. Derick was going to try out to be Pistol Pete — an honor his father held as a former Sooner — but he never got a chance to tell him. According to the school’s newspaper, The O’Colly, Rick Dillard passed away from an unknown heart condition in 2008.

His mother, Cathy Dillard, drove to Stillwater to deliver the heartbreaking news. “That was the first thing that Derick said when I told him that his dad died. “‘I never got to tell him that I was going to try out for Pete,'” she said. 

I don’t defend Derick often because, well, he kinda sucks. But seriously, guys; it’s an innocent photo. 

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