Where are the Duggars’ Pets? You Don’t Have 19 Kids Without a Few Animal Casualties

The Duggars constantly have stray babies crawling on all fours in the compound, yet four-legged friends have always seemed absent. Maybe you’ve wondered, does the Duggar family have any pets, and if so, will someone please help get them out of there? 

Well, no need to worry too much. because pets don’t seem to last long on the compound. Sure, they could be camera shy, but we’re more willing to bet that pets are subjected to a role of impermanence in the Duggar household. Considering that Jim Bob and Michelle tend to rely on the other kids in their family to raise their younger children, this makes sense. Like every parent will tell you, pets are a responsibility, and you can’t just pass them off to Jana whenever you feel like it. 

So from what I can gather, the Duggar family seems to have a, um, complicated relationship with animals. If you’re a hardcore fan, there seems to be two on-the-record (or at least occasionally-on-the-compound) dogs with names and a plotline every now and then. Yet the role of animals in Duggarland seems to be “wander leisurely into this scene, run far away from Josh and Anna’s place.”

Oh, you don’t know about that? Well, scroll down to learn more about the Duggars’ history with canines, felines, and the occasional guinea pig.