Poor Samuel Dillard! The kid made it through a whole year of life only to be presented with a plate of orange icing disguised as a first birthday cake. How tragic is that? Then again, this is Jill Duggar‘s baking skills we’re talking about. She’s not exactly known for being world class in the kitchen. Perhaps everyone in the 112 member family just accepts her culinary shortcomings but, come on, Sam deserved better. 

On July 27, the mother-of-two took to her family’s ~official~ YouTube channel to share some highlights from Sam’s first birthday. Everything is pretty normal for the first 12 seconds when all of a sudden, something resembling a radioactive Nickelodeon logo with sprinkles comes into focus. You can check out the video below to see for yourself. 

Maybe Jill thought that because she made not one, but two cakes, that it was OK to make them thinner than a Communion wafer but TBH, they’re just sad. Ultimately, we’re not even convinced that they’re actual cakes — at least not the one with “1st” written on it. Let’s go ahead and present a still frame of the two “baked goods” for good measure, shall we? See Exhibit A and B below


Not to be graphic, but can you imagine what Sam’s diaper looked like after that? Just saying. Anyway, all jokes aside, the newly-minted one-year-old did seem very cheerful in the clip, which of course, is all that matters. Beyond just being the happiest baby ever, Sam has had some amazing milestone moments in recent weeks.
In fact, on July 20, he finally took his first solo steps! With any luck, he’ll be able to run in no time — you know, away from his mother’s cooking. Just kidding! Happy belated birthday, Sam. We hope you enjoyed your plate of icing. 

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