Here we go again! Jill Duggar has been called out for hypocrisy a lot lately, and it only got worse on May 23 when she visited a mosque for Ramadan. Fans freaked out, calling her "disrespectful" for not covering her head while in the holy building. Watch the controversial video, below.

"Okay where are we at?" Jill asks a Muslim woman. "We are at a mosque and we have Iraqi feast for Ramadan. We're glad to see you here!" said her companion. Jill didn't quite explain why she was there, but she did ask what they were eating and said it was all "very good." But fans were less concerned with the food than her outfit: a short-sleeved t-shirt and messy bun.

"You shouldn’t go into a mosque not covered out of respect. You also take off your shoes," said one commenter. "She should have had her head covered in a mosque out of respect," insisted another. "That right there speaks volumes about her respect." It's certainly interesting that a person whose family preaches modesty wouldn't respect the modesty rules of another culture, but some fans thought Jill's actual reason for being there might be a worse offense.

"I really hope you aren't trying to convert Muslims," said one person. Another had a different idea of why she might be there: to do damage control for her husband Derick Dillard's recent pro-Trump comments. "Of course it’s a PR stunt. Notice they only use these kind of posts when Derick has done something wrong. It absolutely can’t be taken seriously and it’s actually more offensive knowing it’s all an act."

That being said, many fans were excited to see her reach out to a culture different than her own. "Glad she is open to differences because her husband sure as hell isn’t," said one fan. Another supporter agreed, writing, "You are an amazing human being and I love that you are sharing Ramadan with us. Ramadan is a holy month full of love and charity. You are an amazing woman Jill, and as a Muslim American I love y’all & yalls show. Thank you for being open minded and enjoying this holy month with us ❤️ love you girl." Hopefully her intentions were as pure.

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