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23 Weird AF Pics on the Duggars’ Instagram That Will Leave You Seriously Confused

We all know the Duggar family is far from normal, but some of their pictures on Instagram are beyond weird. One quick scroll and you'll already be wondering how you could have possibly thought the fact that they all took a solemn vow to never dance was one of the strangest things about them — and there's plenty of strangeness to go around. Like the fact that they eat something called Chili Fritos Pie or start regularly changing diapers when they're barely out of them themselves or blur their knees on camera.

We knew that the Duggars weren't like most other families — but honestly, we thought that would lend itself to posting photos that are more normal on their social media pages, not less. Still, the fam seems to always be full of surprises, and we guess this is just another one of them. Jinger wears pants, oh look, now Derick Dillard pops off on Twitter, and then one of the younger Duggar kids balances thirty boxes of pizza on top of his head. This is the world that we live in now. Don't question things, no matter how much you want to ask, "What?" or "Why?" or "How?"

Instead, just take a look for yourself, because we simply can't say enough to properly explain these social media snapshots. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but we could write a million and still not fully do justice to Josiah Duggar's senior portraits, which honestly seem like something out of a whole other world (or maybe just a weirdly serious Duggar fanfiction). Or James Duggar's model shots, which may have honestly come straight out of a Gap Kids catalogue. Nope, we can only let them speak for themselves. Check out all the Duggar family photos that'll make you say, "WTF?" in the gallery below.

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