It’s been quite the adjustment period for Jeremy Vuolo as he works on becoming a dutiful dad to little Felicity. Dubbing himself “Meconium Man,” he’s become an expert at all things changing diapers, and he’s also gotten pretty talented at coaxing smiles out of his infant daughter. But with dad skills come dad jokes, and now Jeremy is continuing to hone those talents as well. 

On Twitter, Jeremy stumbled across an old ad for a baby’s car seat from the 60s. It’s a totally ridiculous looking thing, featuring a net hammock strung up in the back seat and a baby nestled inside. “Jinger and I were considering this for a new car seat,” the Counting On star joked. “Apparently, however, recent studies have shown this to be less-than-safe.”

Hey, you have to admit that the “Lull-A-Baby” Car Hammock is a total bargain, though! Just $7? We’d give one for adults a try for sure. But before anyone gets too up in arms, let’s remember that this is just a joke — something that the Duggar family has gotten flack for before. Though most of the parent-shaming comes at the expense of the moms, Jeremy’s faced the occasional dad-shaming, too. Back in August, a photo he posted of him holding baby Felicity while they both stared at a computer screen illicited plenty of criticisms. 

Things have been even worse for Jeremy’s wife Jinger Duggar, though, who recently turned off her Instagram comments on a picture of Felicity wearing mittens. Before all the responses were wiped, the new mom had been scolded by fans and followers. “Those mitts are so stupid. They need to self soothe and they can’t with those mitts…get them off,” one commenter wrote. “Free the hands!” said another. “Better for her development.”

In this case, though, everyone seems to recognize that Jeremy’s just having a little fun. And they’re even joining in, sharing their own car safety stories from the 60s and 70s. “My parents had an MG rag top convertible and I went EVERYYWHERE in this same ‘baby seat’ when I was an infant,” shared one Twitter user. “But then I grew up in dangerous times when children drank from the hose and rode bikes without helmets:-).”

We’re sure Felicity will turn out just fine, too — but hopefully she won’t have to ride around in a hammock first. Though the Duggars deal with plenty of haters, it seems that this baby has parents who love her and look out for her. And while they’re bound to make some mistakes as first time parents, let’s all just try to not get too carried away. 

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