Their fears were unfounded in this case. Little People, Big World alum Jeremy Roloff shared an update from a truck build project he’s working on, and a fan got nervous when they saw his daughter, Ember Roloff, behind what appeared to be a vehicle that was running.

“The truck build is coming along!” Jeremy, 29, wrote on January 23. “Having only owned and built cars pre-1976, this is already proving to be different and fun. I’m excited to see where the build goes.” A lot of people commented, but one person, in particular, wrote, “Oh my gosh seeing that small child behind a running truck gives me anxiety! I have known too many accidents please be [careful!]”

Someone else responded, “Just the lights are on from opening a door. Simmer down,” and Jeremy wrote back, “Haha you’re the first person to get it right, my friend.”

'LPBW' Alum Jeremy Roloff Claps Back at Fan With 'Anxiety' Over Ember Behind a Truck

To be fair, that fan wasn’t the only one who was nervous when they saw where little Ember was standing in the photos. “Is that truck running with her walking around the back end?” But Jeremy reassured that person, “Not this time.”

ember roloff standing behind jeremy roloffs truck
Courtesy of Jeremy Roloff/Instagram

Someone else got a little more snarky and commented, “That baby is in a dangerous position. Maybe be a little more aware of her and not the perfect Instagram photo.” Ouch.

Jeremy comes from a family that is pretty used to serving up clapbacks on social media, but he’s not as well-known for them as people like his parents are.

For instance, when an Instagram user claimed his mom, Amy Roloff, was “pushed out of the farm” by his dad, Matt Roloff, and how “sad” it was, his 58-year-old father fired back, “That’s the biggest crock of BS I’ve ever heard. I would love Amy to buy her side of the farm and let me move to Arizona full-time. She’s scared to death of the work and attention it would take.”

He’s also encouraged his wife, Audrey Roloff, to not let the haters get to her. During an exclusive interview with In Touch, she said he reminds her that she’s a good mom.

“You’re always going to get the people bashing you, shaming you. No matter how many followers you have, the ratio is probably similar,” the 28-year-old noted. “I think keeping that in perspective has kept me grounded, and also Jeremy’s just a voice of truth in the background on reminding me that I’m a good mom and that I do know what’s best for my daughter.”

The same can be said for Jeremy when it comes to what’s best for Ember!

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