Let's all take a moment for a collective face palm, shall we? In attempts to defend his girlfriend Desi Kibler, Teen Mom 2 star and Leah Messer's ex-husband Jeremy Calvert has managed to condone drinking and driving.

Days after news broke about Jenelle Evans' road rage incident where she allegedly pulled a gun on another driver, Jeremy took to Twitter to fire off some choice words for the mother-of-three. "You are irrelevant in my life and others that are associated with me. So no need to put ur two sense [sic] into anything that has to deal with me or my life. You look silly no one cares bout ur [sic] opinion in anyway shape or form. Worry bout ur [sic] own life," he wrote.

Of course, Jenelle hit back — coming after Jeremy's girlfriend, who recently got arrested for two DUIs in one night. “Bro shouldn’t you be worrying about that 22-year-old you just bailed out for DUI?!” Jenelle tweeted at Jeremy. “Lmfao Hope Leah doesn’t have her kids ride with your new side piece.”

Now, the father-of-one is attempting to explain Desi's side of the story, assuring fans that Leah has absolutely no issue with his new lady's track record. “Leah has not even said a single word about it,” Jeremy told The Ashley. “Desi doesn’t use drugs. She drinks, yeah clearly, but who doesn’t drink and drive once or twice? Anyone over the age of 21 without an Uber service in their area goes to the bar and drives home.”

Desi insisted that she's not "the wild child" Jenelle is making her out to be. “On April 11, I decided to go have a few drinks with a friend,” she told the outlet. “We were there for a few hours and I didn’t consume more than three drinks in those few hours. We left around 1 a.m. Thursday morning and I got pulled over because I hadn’t put my new registration sticker on my car.”

At that point, the 22-year-old was asked to step outside of the vehicle and take a sobriety test, which she failed. “[The cop] said I was drunk and had me taken down to the police station where I sat and did paperwork for two hours,” Desi said. “After everything was said and done, he released me and never mentioned I couldn’t go back and get my car. I figured I had sobered up enough to go get my car and go home. A friend picked me up to take me back to my car," she added.

“I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t allowed to drive my car since he let me leave and didn’t repo my car. [The same cop] then pulled up behind me when I was out of my car and said I was getting another DUI," Desi concluded.

While her account of the evening doesn't depict someone deliberately trying to ignore the law, it does come off as painfully naive and irresponsible. That could explain why Leah has seemingly been shading her on Twitter. Hm. Tea.

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