All relationships have their ups and downs, but few are as rocky as Jenelle Evans and David Eason‘s. The Teen Mom 2 couple has been controversial from the start, but now fans believe their recent struggles could be enough to push them to split up.

Just two months in and 2018 has already been a rough year for the pair. Both have been struggling with custody battles over their kids from past relationships, their respective families hate their spouse, Jenelle admitted to doing drugs while pregnant, and the couple has been involved in several gun controversies after the Parkland school shooting.

Of course, the biggest strain right now would be the fact that David got fired from Teen Mom 2 after making some homophobic and transphobic comments online. Since Jenelle supported his comments, she may very well also be on the chopping block. With four young kids in their family, losing that much money could be a huge added stress.

Plus, David and Jenelle have never had the most stable relationship. She nearly called off their wedding on the day it was supposed to happen, after all! Then there was a report in December that the couple briefly split after The Ex Files aired and Jenelle said nice things about her exes. “Jenelle and David had a crazy jealous fight after the show aired,” an insider said. “That was the night David changed his relationship status on Facebook to ‘complicated.’ Both of them went insane after the show.” Clearly they made up afterward, but the core of their relationship must not be very strong if they could get that close to a breakup over something so silly. Right now, it looks like Jenelle and David are still together, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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