She’s ready. Isabel Rock is marrying former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff on September 7, 2019, and she took to Instagram on August 19 to share her thoughts on the big day and how she never really thought it would happen. “In a few weeks, I will be a bride,” Isabel, 23, wrote. “I will walk towards the man I have agreed to forever with in a fancy dress and bare feet. There will be flowers in my hair. I have one of those minds where it won’t feel real until I start walking that day.”

She added, “I was never convinced that I would be someone who would get married. Especially early on in life. My parents didn’t have the best relationship, not one I wanted to emulate. I never thought I would be one of those people who counts down to their wedding day. After all, it is just a day, right?”

jacob roloff and isabel rock
Courtesy of Isabel Rock/Instagram

“But then, I kind of realized something,” Isabel continued. “Years down the line, I want to remember how I felt each and every day leading up to ‘our big day’ so I can tell our kids everything. I want to remember how their father looked as I walked towards him, how I felt as I did, and all of the tiny details leading up to that exact moment.

The bride-to-be concluded, “Truthfully, I have noticed that there is an awful lot of pressure to be extravagantly beautiful and to look a certain way on your wedding day for people, but I want to focus on that far less. There is pressure for everything to be perfect and there is a lot of stress that accompanies the anticipation. All I hope to be is at peace and present when that day comes. That is really the only thing I hope for.” That’s a very mature way to think about the whole thing.

Although the couple is getting married in early September, this is one wedding Little People, Big World fans won’t be able to see on the show. Isabel confirmed in April that she and Jacob will not have a televised ceremony.

“Will your wedding be televised??” a fan asked at the time. “I hope so because I’ve loved watching all those boys and Molly grow up over the years! I think it would be amazing. Congratulations to you and Jacob!” Isabel responded, “Thanks! Molly’s was not televised and either [sic] will ours be! Sorry.” Hey, they’ve got to do what works best for them!

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