They were made for each other. Isabel Rock shared a long message on Instagram praising her Little People, Big World alum fiancé, Jacob Roloff, and it’s honestly one of the loveliest things we’ve read all week. “The other day, I was in a frenzy,” she began the August 9 caption. “Sometimes I panic about little things and unnecessarily stress. I get easily frustrated if somebody’s idea of me isn’t what I want it to be. Or if I feel like I have to spend extra time explaining who I am to someone (which I shouldn’t do).”

She added, “I asked Jacob desperately, ‘Why aren’t you worked up about this?’ And he said, ‘I don’t care what people think about me. What people think about me doesn’t concern me. When I leave a room, I don’t worry about what they’re saying about me once I’ve left that room. Beyond it, I have so much more going on that I want to focus on. Frankly, I just don’t have the time to think about the opinion of others.'” Good for him!

“I think my jaw dropped,” Isabel, 23, continued. “Which may sound dramatic, but I’m somebody who probably cares way too much. How can somebody just … not care like that? And that’s how he’s always been. Unbothered and focused. Happy to meet people where they are but never takes anything that isn’t his to carry on. He walks through life self-assured and doesn’t let anybody disrupt his spirit. I admire him for all he has taught me. There are so many learning opportunities inside the way other people handle things. I am always learning from others and especially Jacob. I just feel really lucky to love somebody like that.” So sweet.

Isabel and Jacob, 22, are getting married on September 7, 2019. That’s just about a month away! While we certainly wouldn’t blame Isabel for being a little stressed with such a big event coming up, it definitely sounds like she is marrying the right person.

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock Take Selfie At Ocean
Instagram/Courtesy of Isabel Roloff

In fact, this is far from the first time the artist has gushed about her fiancé. In late January, she shared on Instagram just how much he makes her laugh. “The amount of times this guy has made me wheez-laugh-like-an-old-man-who-has-smoked-for-30-years this past week is remarkable,” she wrote. “Pick somebody to spend your life with who makes you laugh until you cry (every single day) and roll with it. It is just so much fun.” We are so excited for these two to get married and spend the rest of their lives together!

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