Over the years, we’ve been exposed to the Duggars in numerous ways, from their TV shows to their book of “relationship advice,” but one thing that has prevailed through the years is Jim Bob Duggar‘s creepy obsession with PDA and sex. In fact, you could say the entire family is infatuated with it, from their strict courtship rules to the way the women aren’t allowed to wear pants, but no one perpetuates it as much as the head Duggar-in-charge.

Fans became aware of it over the years while watching 19 Kids and Counting. The 52-year-old seemed overly eager with kissing his wife Michelle all the time, flaunting their relationship in front of her nervous children as Michelle looked awkward — and it was a situation that happened all the time. The most infamous moment was when the father-of-19 openly humped his wife in front of his daughter Jessa and her then-fiancé Ben Seewald. Fans were shocked, and yet, the moment didn’t change his behavior.

Another instance that angered fans was during a video where Jim Bob was wishing his wife a happy birthday. At the end, he grabs her and kisses her as Michelle chuckles and looks uncomfortable. Fans called it “inappropriate” and as an example of his aggressive, controlling nature over his wife and his children.

On the show, the kids are always talking to their parents about what their sex lives will be like once they’re married. Jinger had to awkwardly do it, and for Jessa and Ben, they had to endure a cringeworthy kissing session on how to lock lips (instructed by Jim Bob, of course). The unsettling nature of it all hasn’t been lost on fans either. Some of them have even asked if Jim Bob is perhaps a “sex addict.” One commenter wrote, “I was thinking with all Jim Bob’s sex talk and simulation of sex in front of his children and others makes me believe he may be a closet sex addict. He’s very obsessed with the sex chatter especially with his children and their spouses.” Another commenter agreed: “I think he’s fixated on the forbidden fruits of sex… I think he’s angry about it. And he takes that anger out on his children by putting them through much stricter barriers to having sex (even touching someone they’re interested in) than he ever did. I’ll bet my life savings that he kissed Michelle before marriage.”

jim bo duggar pda weird

He also has a weird habit of “upstaging” his kids in the PDA department.

And it’s funny that the commenter assumes Jim Bob crossed lines with Michelle before marriage, because that’s exactly what happened! Michelle has been outspoken about kissing Jim Bob before the wedding, wearing short shorts, being a cheerleader, and even taking birth control before changing her ways. Fans believe Jim Bob’s need to control his wife and his children is something he learned much later in life as a way to fulfill any lingering obsession he has with “modesty” and sexual interactions.

duggar family makeout session

And his children are picking up on his behavior, too. Weird “Duggar PDA” is actually a thing! Back in 2014, it seemed as if the family couldn’t stop uploading pics of themselves making out on social media. Considering their conservative image, it definitely had a lot of people scratching their heads. But it’s important to note that fans aren’t mad about the actual act of public affection. It’s actually sort of nice to see an older couple who isn’t afraid to show their love for each other, and that’s not the problem. The issue fans have is that Jim Bob is a hypocrite. He teaches abstinence and then shoves it into his poor kids’ faces who are forced, under his strict rules, to behave unnaturally. He intentionally makes sex, something natural, seem forbidden and taboo, and considering Michelle’s No. 1 relationship tip is to “never say no” to your husband when he asks for sex, the issue eclipses the much wider issue of control. And regardless of how you might feel about the controversial family, you have to admit that “public humping” is a line no one should cross.

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