Is there a Cardi Baby on the way? There’s been a lot of speculation lately that rap goddess Cardi B could be expecting a baby with her fiancé Offset, but is there any truth to the rumors? Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

The rumors began when Cardi was allegedly heard asking a stylist at New York Fashion Week how to dress up a baby bump, according to MTO. Other fans thought they spied a little bump growing. Plus, she seems extra-obsessed with kids lately. On Feb. 9 she posted an Instagram story of a toddler in a Moschino dress at NYFW saying “you are the cutest little thing, I want one of you!” She’s also been posting several photos with kids, and one video of a baby listening to her music. It definitely seems like she has babies on the brain.

cardi b, getty

Cardi B and Justine Skye on Feb. 2.

However! Cardi herself has denied any claims that she’s pregnant. When a fan asked her point-blank about it, she simply said “No b—h. I’m just getting fat. Let me be fat in peace.” We certainly disagree with that! Cardi rocked a skin-tight dress recently where she didn’t show even a hint of a baby bump, which also seems to prove that she’s not expecting a child.

Some fans just can’t seem to let it go, though. “Okaaaaay Cardi B & Offset finna have Baby Cardsé ????? she’s for sure pregnant idc idc idc what nobody say ??‍♀️,” wrote one person on Twitter. Another agreed, saying. “Cardi B keep saying she not pregnant but the only thing growing is her belly ?” Personally, we would love to see a little Cardi running around, but she probably wants to wait until after her wedding!

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