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Coco Austin Gives Exclusive Look Inside Daughter Chanel’s ‘Pretty Epic’ SpongeBob-Themed Birthday Party

Under the sea masterpiece! After having to scale back their plans last year, Coco Austin and Ice-T went all out this year for their daughter Chanel‘s 6th birthday party.

“Chanel’s words exactly to me when she walked into the party, she said ‘Mommy, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!'” Austin, 42, exclusively tells In Touch about the November bash. “Every detail of the party is hidden from her until she walks in the day of [the party].”

For the Playboy model, it is “very special” to see her little one’s face “light up” when she sees her birthday celebration.

“Every year she picks out a theme. This year was SpongeBob and where he lives down in Bikini Bottom,” the actress details to In Touch, noting that the party included “face painting,” a “360 photo booth” and “all the rides in the Nickelodeon park.”

Austin, who welcomed her child with her husband, 63, in 2015, admitted that she wasn’t sure how she would “top this one for next year.”

“There’s an explosion in the brain with so much to do with all the kids,” she added. “Chanel’s parties are pretty epic.”

The California native, who tied the knot with Ice-T in 2005, previously shared how the duo had to shake things up for Chanel’s birthday amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“This year’s celebration for Chanel’s party was a tad different, and [we] had a week to prepare,” she explained on Instagram in November 2020. “[Because] of the current situation (COVID), we had a much smaller group than we normally do, but we still made it happen.”

Austin surprised her daughter with a doll theme that had a “built-in Chanel salon,” adding, “I think she was definitely surprised. After months and months of telling her this party may not happen, and somehow, we pulled it off.”

The Ice Loves Coco alum revealed to In Touch that the most important factor for every party was the theme.

“It has to be fabulous,” she said in November 2019. “Like I said, I wish I could just go down the street and go to Chuck E. Cheese. Yeah, well, no. I don’t think that can happen. It just wouldn’t sit well with me.”

At the time, Austin acknowledged that going over the top each year did have its own set of disadvantages.

“I always tell people I wish I could just be one of those parents [who are] like, ‘OK, let’s go to Chuck E. Cheese’ and not worry about the hoopla with it,” she joked. “Since day one, she’s had such fabulous parties.”

Scroll on to see the special way that Chanel celebrated her birthday.

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