90 Day Fiancé star Amanda Wilhelm ​(née Green) was arrested for general battery after attacking another woman who allegedly hit her with a bat in 2010, In Touch can confirm.  

The TLC personality, 31, was arrested after “intentionally touching and striking” a woman named Kayla Patton against her will on August 27, 2010, in Bay County, Florida, according to the incident report obtained by In Touch. ​Amanda, who was 19 years old at the time, ​ was allegedly accompanied and assisted by a man named Jeremiah ​Means during the incident. 

“Amanda Green repeatedly and intentionally struck Kayla with her hands and wrestled Kayla to the ground, causing abrasions on Kayla’s left knee and both elbows, causing redness and bleeding,” the court affidavit reported on October 12, 2010. “Jeremiah assisted Amanda by holding Kayla down while Amanda was hitting and wrestling her against her will on Kayla’s property.”

In the police report taken on the day of the alleged incident, Amanda ​explained her side of the story to officers. “Amanda said she had been in a fight with Kayla but that she was just defending herself. It became clear at this time a crime had been committed,” the officer’s report read. “Amanda stated that she and Jeremiah were on their way home and wanted to stop by Kayla’s to make amends for the bad situation that existed between them.” 

The officer’s report continued, “Amanda further stated that she saw Kayla and Kristine walking down the road several blocks up from their house and that Kayla had a red baseball bat in her hand.”

After getting out of the car to speak with Kayla, Amanda said Kayla “attacked her” and hit her in the knee with the bat, “forcing her to defend herself.”

“Amanda then stated that she did not see the baseball bat at first,” the documents stated. “Amanda said she got out of the car to talk to Kayla, at Kayla’s house, and then is when Kayla attacked her in the driveway of Kayla’s house.” 

The reporting officer noted that he transported Amanda and Jeremiah to jail for booking and took digital pictures of Kayla’s injuries for evidence. 

Following the incident, a deferred judgment was entered in court against Amanda’s battery charge in October 2010. As part of the agreement, Amanda was required to complete community service and anger management.

Reps for Amanda did not immediately respond to In Touch’s request for comment. 

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