Breast-feeding has been a hot topic around these parts for quite a while now and Coco Austin is over anyone who has a problem with it. The 40-year-old blonde beauty won’t stop until her 3-year-old daughter, Chanel, wants to, she told In Touch exclusively.

“Almost four years later I’m so thankful and every single day I’m blessed,” Coco said of the gift of breast-feeding. “I actually I give up my blessing during that time, like, ‘Oh, I’m so glad that God gave me this moment with my child because I’m going to be so heartbroken when she’s not going to want to do this anymore.’ And that’s going to come, eventually it’s going to come.”

Coco took a stand to “normalize” breast-feeding back in September after posting a photo of herself nursing Chanel on a private plane. The proud mom expressed that she is all about self-weaning. “When she doesn’t want me, she’s going to not want me. Believe me, she’s not going to be like 16 and be like, ‘Mom, can I have the boob? and then a car?’” Coco joked. “She’s going to go through a time in her life where she’s like, ‘Okay, I got this Mom, I don’t need you.’ And right now she still wants me so I’m just going to accept it.”

Coco Austin Breastfeeding Chanel Self Weens
Courtesy of Coco Austin/Instagram

Although there are so many trolls on the internet taking aim at just about every celebrity’s parenting style, Coco says there are so many more “lovers” in her corner. “If you can go to all my comments and look at all the mothers saying, ‘Oh, yeah, I still nurse my baby’s five,’ [and] ‘Oh, yeah, my baby seven. I’m in Europe.’” She added, “Women have been doing this for thousands of years. I’m not the only one nursing my child.”

At this point, Coco said that Chanel uses breast-feeding as more of a comfort blanket than a food supplement. “She only wants me like nap time or night time or when she’s tired or she needs a bonding time,” she explained. “It’s not like I’m hoarding her and I keeping her for myself to just eat from the boob.” Don’t mind the haters, Coco. You’re doing great sweetie!

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