Ice-T teased that he and his wife, Coco Austin, are returning to reality TV with a new show. Fans are now wondering what the show will be about, ​what they can expect and more.

What Will Ice-T and Coco Austin’s New Reality Show?

The Law & Order: SVU actor revealed that a show about Coco and their daughter, Chanel, is currently in the works.

“They’re developing a show called Coco Loves Chanel … I’m kinda like a costar in [this] one, you know, but it’s a fun show, it’s a loving show,” he told Entertainment Tonight about the upcoming show in January 2024. “It’s about Coco [and] her girlfriends. They all have kids, it’s like a mommy show, but it’s funny.”

When Does Ice-T and Coco Austin’s New Reality Show Premiere?

Ice-T – whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow – did not reveal when the family’s new show will premiere. He also did not share if the show will air on network television or on a streaming service.

Have Ice-T and Coco Austin Been on Reality TV Before?

The couple has plenty of experience when it comes to reality TV, as they previously starred on E!’s Ice Loves Coco from June 2011 to January 2013. The reality show followed the lives of the couple as they lived in New Jersey with their two dogs.

One difference about the new show is that their daughter, Chanel, will be just as much of a focus as her mother. Chanel, who was born in 2015, is already a rising star, and Coco has been working as her manager in recent years.

I like it, more than managing myself. Actually, I put my stuff aside for so long, because I love doing her more than me,” Coco previously told Entertainment Tonight about managing their daughter, who is signed to youth talent agency Zuri. “You know, I kinda stepped up a little bit and started doing more social media, but I like having more fun with her.”

How Does Ice-T Feel About Chanel Starring on Reality TV?

While Ice-T is excited about the family’s new project, he admitted he has concerns about how his daughter will be impacted by the job.

Return to Reality TV! Ice-T Teases New Show With Wife Coco Austin: 'It's a Loving Show'
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Rookie USA

“This is a reintroduction with the kid, this is a whole new show. So it was like, we had a good experience with E!, so we said, let’s do it again one more time,” the New Jersey native said. “So maybe let that show go for two or three seasons, then stop it.”

He added that reality TV stars often “start doing things you normally don’t do for content.”

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