Hugh Hefner’s son, Marston Hefner, opened up about the realities of growing up in the Playboy mansion.

“The staff were really mean to me at a certain point,” Marston, 33, told former playmates and hosts Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt on the “Girls Next Level” podcast on Sunday, October 22. “They were f—ked up to me”

Marston — the son of Hugh and his second wife Kimberley Conrad — explained that throughout his childhood, the staff was nice to him but it changed once he became a young adult.

“It was kind of like, I was the son who was living off my father’s success is my guess of what it was,” he continued. “Jealously, or they thought I was entitled. They felt like I really didn’t belong.”

While Holly and Bridget shared similar experiences with the staff, the trio also discussed the late publisher’s quirks — which included having almost the same dinner nightly — and Marston speculated his father may have had a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Autism.

“He needed it and would get angry if it wasn’t there. If what he expected wasn’t there. If the lamb chops weren’t there, he would get upset,” Marston said. “That part of my father really makes me wonder. What is it that he needed that routine.”

Holly felt it could’ve been a way for the patriarch to “stay in control” as the theme was present throughout their life in the mansion. Hugh famously set curfews for his girlfriends and dictated who they could and could not talk to within the mansion.

Hugh Hefner’s Son on Growing Up in the Playboy Mansion
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“I did see kind of a relaxed playful side sometimes, but it didn’t last very long,” Holly, who dated Hefner from 2001 to 2008, said of his tight control over their lives. “And I think what I was getting at, what I wanted to see something different … was a trust. I wanted to see that person when he was finally like, ‘We’re good.’”’

The Girls Next Door alums have been candid about the realities of living with Hugh on their podcast — including their bedroom stories. The Down the Rabbit Hole author opened up about the “gross” first time she had sex with Hugh during an earlier episode of the podcast.

Holly recounted “drinking so many vodka cranberries all night” to calm her nerves while she partied with the Playboy creator and a group of women, including one she referred to as a “recruiter,” at former Hollywood hotspot Las Palmas.

“The first thing that happens is the recruiter says, ‘Daddy …’ I’m gagging as I’m saying this but everybody used to call him ‘Daddy’ in the bedroom, which is so gross,” the Oregon native said during the August 22 episode. “So, she’d be like, ‘Daddy, do you wanna get the new girl?’ And I s—t you not, next thing I know he’s on top of me.

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