The Welcome to Plathville stars celebrated New Year’s Eve a bit differently this year than in the past amid some major relationship shake ups within the family. However, everyone seemed to make the best of the current situation.

While it’s not clear how Ethan Plath, the oldest sibling, spent New Year’s Eve, he spent New Year’s Day with his siblings Moriah Plath and Isaac Plath. Moriah, 21, took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of the siblings hitting the slopes on Monday, January 1, as well as a video that showed her preparing to ski down a hill.

It likely won’t surprise fans that Moriah spent the day with family. She previously made the best of the new normal with her family at Christmas and shared photos of an early celebration with her younger sisters Amber, Cassia and Mercy.

This year’s New Year’s Eve comes after Ethan, 25, and his former wife Olivia Plath announced their ​split in October. Fans have since watched the relationship reach its breaking point in Welcome to Plathville season 5.

Olivia, who hasn’t been shy about revealing her feelings about Ethan on social media, did not reveal how she rang in the New Year on social media. After her split from Ethan, the traveling wedding photographer decided to pack up and head to the West Coast. ​Olivia, 25, revealed that she had moved to Los Angeles during an Instagram Q&A in December.

How ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Stars Celebrated New Year’s Eve ​2024 Amid Family Estrangement
Courtesy of Moriah Plath/Instagram

Viewers saw matriarch Kim Plath, who announced her divorce from husband Barry in 2022, reveal her new relationship with Ken Palmer in season 5. ​Kim, 51, and Ken, 58, also haven’t shared how they spent the holiday, though were likely together. While Kim was excited to be on a new journey to find love, her daughters Moriah and Lydia weren’t nearly as enthusiastic about their mom’s new man.

Barry Plath, who struggled with Kim’s decision to begin dating Ken amid their divorce, also seemingly kept a low profile on New Year’s Eve.

Ethan and Olivia Plath sit next to one another on a couch during a scene from Welcome to Plathville

Fans who have been with Welcome to Plathville from the beginning saw Micah Plath’s modeling career take off, and now the reality star decided to take full advantage of his good looks by moving to Los Angeles. Several rumors have swirled this year about Micah’s dating life in LA, but he hasn’t settled down yet. ​Micah, 22, took to his Instagram Stories on Sunday, December 31, to share a photo of the sunset before it officially became 2024.

Moriah Plath made the best of the new normal with her family at Christmas and shared photos of an early celebration with her younger sisters Amber, Cassia and Mercy. The singer, 21, was seen enjoying some time with TK on New Year’s Eve.

During the Welcome to Plathville season 5 finale, Lydia Plath revealed she had been dating someone for “quite a while.” While she didn’t give fans the name of her new boyfriend, Lydia, 19, did say that he was “an amazing man of God.” She has not revealed how she spent New Year’s Eve, but fans can assume her boyfriend was there to give her a midnight kiss.

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