Are Married at First Sight stars Molly Duff and Jonathan Francetic still together? Fans of the hit Lifetime reality TV series are wondering about the status of Molly and Jonathan's marriage since the couple had an extremely volatile relationship throughout Season 6 — and with one week left to go before they have to decide if they want to stay married or get divorced, their future together doesn't look promising. In a clip from tonight's episode, Molly and Jonathan got into one of their most explosive fights of the season and it all started when Molly allegedly started flirting with another man right in front of her husband.

"Jon feels the need to record this because he's immature. He's actually not 29 years old. He's actually 22 years old," Molly could be heard saying in cell phone video footage that Jon recorded in the heat of their argument. "You're disgusting. You're recording yourself being like, 'Molly did this tonight because…'" she trailed off, and started making whining sounds mocking her hubby.

"She's calling me disgusting and a monster and saying that her skin crawls when I touch her. And these are all things she's said to me before — after the cameras stopped rolling," he told the camera. "I've kind of had enough of this and I recorded the conversation to show the experts."

The couple met as strangers at the altar after being paired up by a team of experts, and they had been getting along pretty well for the most part in the begining of the season — but things quickly went downhill after their honeymoon. Jonathan and Molly are the only participants on Season 6 who did not consummate their marriage, which caused a lot of tension between them and it was also the subject of another blowout fight between them.

Earlier this season, the team of experts asked the couples to indulge in an intimate fantasy night with their partners. Jonathan pulled out all the stops for Molly by dressing up for her in a suit and cooking her a romantic meal, and it seemed like it worked because Molly softened up towards him. She also had a surprise for him, and she revealed it after dinner by putting on a red wig and re-introducing herself to "Jessica," since he is attracted to redheads. Jonathan thought that it would have been the perfect time for the couple to be intimate for the first time, but Molly said she was too tired — and Jonathan had a complete meltdown because he felt that Molly isn't physically attracted to him.

"It's hard not to feel a little offended when Molly talks about instant chemistry — especially when she told me about the time she walked up to a random frat guy at a bar and asked him to have a threesome and she didn't even know him," Jonathan revealed in his confessional.

He brought that up to Molly, which sparked a huge fight between them. "Okay, you going below the belt and bringing up college s–t — how f–king dare you? Go f–k yourself," Molly told him. After their fight, Jonathan slept on the couch and that's when it seemed like the fate of their marriage was doomed — but fans will just have to keep watching to find out of this couple ends up together.

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