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Prepare to Ruin Your Day by Seeing Just How Stupidly Rich the Kardashians Are

Even though a decade has passed since the Kardashian empire launched with Keeping Up With the Kardashians, every once in a while we are utterly confused by how these people have so much money. Yes, you can argue back and forth that they're mastermind businesswomen who have excelled at branding, but then a Kim or Kylie belfie will enter your feed and you're mystified again. You can't help but ask yourself, how? How are the Kardashians rich, and more importantly, how rich are they?

The short answer: borderline disgustingly rich, like, a few years short of buying their own nation rich. The longer answer: so rich that they earn, spend, and contain their money with an almost comical and absurd sort of recklessness. In fact, we looked back and found a few primo examples of just how many ways the Kardashian (and Jenners) have shown off their incredulous net worth. From the lavish birthday parties to the custom car detailing and all the ruined $100,000 bags in between, America's most infamous reality TV family definitely throws caution to the wind. And money to the wind.

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But when your social media presence can reign in hundreds of thousands of dollars (regardless of how successfully you promote something), we guess you can afford to be extraneously fancy, right? And spoiler alert: hooking up with a famous rapper (a klassic Kardashian power move, tbh) definitely doesn't encourage you to live modestly.

Still need the receipts? Don't worry, if there's anything we can count on, it's that the Kardashian's lux life is well documented. Check out the gallery to see some of the most absurd examples of the Kardashian family's Wealth

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