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The Duggars Have Been Fibbing About Their Finances, and We Have the Receipts

Anyone familiar with the Duggars knows they're big on being frugal. On their show and in their numerous books, they love to preach about how they've managed to live debt-free with 19 kids. The family buys everything used, makes their own laundry soap, pays for everything in cash, and they even invest a lot in cheap commercial real estate. You've probably heard Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar droll on about "buy it used and save the difference." They preach it so much, it's as much a part of their image as ankle-length skirts or pickles. It all sounds a little too perfect, and that's because it is. The reality is that, before TLC and the days of owning planes, the Duggars were reportedly pinching pennies and relying on handouts. And oh yeah, they definitely had debts. Below, all the ways the Duggars haven't been completely honest about their finances.

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