Little Henry Seewald may be a very cheery toddler, but it turns out that the giggly one-year-old has been dealing with a painful skin condition. “When Henry was about three months old, he had what appeared to be ‘cradle cap,'” explained mom Jessa Duggar on the March 5 episode of Counting On. “But I tried a lot of different washes, lotions, creams, and things like that, and then I started to figure it out that this was actually eczema and probably an allergy.”

Cradle cap is a temporary condition where a baby develops scales or oily patches on their heads. It sounds horrible, but eczema is even worse. The itchy problem is long-lasting and has no actual cure, though flare-ups can be controlled to cause less discomfort by figuring out what inflames the issue. For now, Jessa is doing her best to make her baby comfortable. “Henry has some pretty bad flare-ups on his head and in his neck creases and so we have to keep socks on his hands to keep him from scratching it.”

Fans immediately rushed to Instagram to give Jessa advice about the problem, and many believe it has to do with his diet. “I just saw the episode of Henry and his eczema allergy. I saw you eating eggs, and eggs can also be a huge flare up ?,” warned one fan. “Good luck and god willing he should grow out of it fast!” “My son has eczema too, we found out it’s a wheat, egg, and soy allergy,” said a different supporter.

Another fan suggested that the problem could be caused by the very lotions Jessa uses in an attempt to ease his pain. “My daughter had the same but in her diaper area, it was maddening. I cut gluten, dairy, and sugar, reluctantly,” she said. “We took her to a naturopath and they tested her for allergies through muscle testing. Found out all the lotions we were using bothered her, she had a lavender allergy.”

Jessa is currently focused on making sure Henry’s diet isn’t hurting him. “I’m trying to address what’s irritating his stomach and trying to eliminate things from my diet to see what’s up,” she said on the show. “I’ve cut out all inflammatory foods: gluten, dairy, corn, nuts. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.” We hope the little guy gets better as soon as possible!

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