Many things the Duggars do nowadays are considered scandalous — wearing ripped jeans, giving someone a full-frontal hug, and getting a nose piercing. Gasp! But if the rumors that Jessa Duggar got lip injections are true, we may have to pass the “rebel” crown from her sister Jinger over to her.

Some fans say that the women in the Duggar family’s religion — specifically those who are associated with Bill Gothard and his Institute of Biblical Life Principles — are encouraged to be as pretty as possible. They are also encouraged to be submissive. As a result, many women focus much of their attention on their appearance.

According to Inquisitr, however, the rumor was discussed on the blog Keeping Up with Fundies and has nothing to do with her religion, but more to do with the fact that Jessa has always had bigger lips than most people in her family. In fact, the blog shrugged off the rumor as being fake, adding that she has had the same lips since birth.

Recently, the reality star mama also sparked rumors she was expecting baby No. 3 with her husband, Ben Seewald. An unnamed source took to reddit claiming not only that he/she has mutual friends with the famous Duggar family, but also that he/she recently caught the 25-year-old mama sporting a considerable baby bump.

“I have some insider news… Jessa is preggers!” the insider wrote. “I have evangelical family members who live near Fayetteville and they run with the same crowd as the Duggars, who they mingle with sometimes. I visited them last week/weekend and my cousin took me and my one-year-old with her and her kids to a group playdate thing at someone’s house, and Jessa was there with her boys. Jessa didn’t say much to me and she — and a few other moms — kind of had an air around them that exuded exclusivity if you know what I mean? I got the vibe that she disliked outsiders outsiders so I didn’t try to talk to her. But she had a noticeable baby bump. Her shirt was somewhat tight so it was obvious that she was pregnant and definitely past the stage of eating too much for dinner the previous night. She appeared 3-4 months pregnant.” Sigh, we can barely keep up with these rumors!

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