And then Leslie Knope said, “Let there be Galentine’s Day,” and it was good. Like, really good. Because, if we’re being completely honest, the Pawnee politician is spot on when she says that Galentine’s Day, the day before Valentine’s Day, is the best day of the year. Even if you’re not going full Parks and Recreation style and buying adorable, over the top presents for all of the poetic and noble land-mermaids in your life. Instead, all you need to do is grab some friends, schedule out some time, and get together. And personally, I like to host that get together at Hooters.

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The first few times I went to Hooters, it was just with friends in high school, mainly because I thought it was funny. But as it turns out, the wings are every bit as good as they promise — and the tater tots are pretty delicious, too. When I got to college, I even went for my 20th birthday. That same year, I started my official Galentine’s tradition. Again, at first we pretty much just thought we were hilarious, dressing up all cute and going to a restaurant that you probably don’t expect to see a lot of girls at. But then we discovered we’d kind of stumbled upon the best Galentine’s Day restaurant ever.

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Because, real talk, where else can you go that has basically banished all notions of a romantic couple date? And where else can you go that will have such a large table open on short notice for a bunch of friends who are just trying to fill up on five different flavors of wings? Even better yet, where else can you go where you, as a group of girls, can throw back ciders and shots of Fireball and be completely unbothered by other patrons at the bar? If guys are there to talk to girls, they weren’t ever there to talk to us. And that meant that we had all the space that we wanted with no annoying interruptions, plus fried pickles and french fries.

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This year, Hooters is running a Valentine’s Day promotion where you can shred a picture of your ex for free wings, “because your ex’s picture is worth a thousand curse words.” In honor of that, and our singledom, we’re celebrating Galentine’s Day a day late. (And, honestly, in honor of some friends’ boyfriends being out of town or long-distance, a few current BFs are likely to get shredded, too.) Because while it’s important to have at least one day a year dedicated to our best babes, it’s also important to focus on your friends every single day. And eat chicken wings every single day. And alternately give into your bitterness or try to shed it by turning precious memories into confetti every single day. I’m just ready to celebrate.

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