The day has finally come: John-David Duggar, twin of Jana Duggar and fellow perpetually single older sibling to the Duggar family clan, has starting courting. The second oldest son out of 19 kids, John-David was long suspected of being basically free of the rules that his younger siblings had to follow, and that his "bachelor 'til the rapture" status was a way of rebelling against his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and doing his own thing. But now that he and Abbie Grace Burnett are getting serious — he even joked on their Instagram that he had "rethought" that whole staying single thing — he's giving fans hope for another kind of freedom.

Sure, he'll probably end up married and popping out kids just like big bro Josh Duggar and little bro Joseph Duggar did, but it seems sincerely on his own terms. Heck, he's a 28-year-old man after all. And his girlfriend is a 26-year-old legit licensed nurse, meaning she has a real job independent of taking care of her family and younger siblings. They've even been rumored to break some serious courtship rules, like stepping out without a chaperone — and even some alleged flirty groping.

All of this doesn't necessarily mean anything for Jana. She could be stuck at home playing Cinderella just as much as ever. But it also makes us think that she really means it that she's just waiting for her Prince Charming and she's not going to accept any substitutes in the meantime. Because maybe one day, just maybe, she'll meet someone who she can have an actual adult relationship with, too. And sure, like Abbie, he'll probably still be Duggar-approved and go through the whole courting system. But also, like Abbie, maybe he'll be a legit grown up who is ready to make the decision to get married and has an actual job to support himself and his family (yeah, we're looking at you, Derick Dillard).

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John-David courting doesn't guarantee that Jana will also find the right person for her who will sweep her off her feet, into their own house, where they can decide if they want to have their own children and what their own timeline for that will be. But it does give plenty of fans a little faith that Jana won't be trapped at home raising her youngest siblings forever. And that one day, even if it has to be after she's married off like little sister Jinger Duggar, she too will start living her best life by her own rules, whether that's waiting to have kids, traveling to big cities, or simply just wearing shorts when it's hot out. We're rooting for you to have your own life, Jana — by whatever means necessary.

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