Another day, another Farrah Abraham controversy! The Teen Mom OG alum is receiving major backlash online after letting her daughter Sophia, 9, step out wearing a crop top — again! The young reality star took to Instagram rockin’ a sports bra and leggings and fans just didn’t think it was appropriate. 

“Put on a legit shirt,” one person quipped. Another added, “Why isn’t Sophia dressed modestly?” and a third pissed off commenter asked, “Just a couple questions? Why is your kid in a kickboxing gym at nine years old? Why is your kid wearing a crop top that is too big and hanging off her in a gym with grown a– men? Why do you have another f–king animal you don’t have time to take care of. And again why is this animal in a gym?” Watch the video above to see what Sophia was wearing.

The mother-daughter duo was recently blamed for their dog’s death, and there’s even a petition to keep them away from animals. “Sophia Abraham had a little dog named Blue and because the dog didn’t wanna go outside, she viciously grabbed his throat and threw him outside and he died as a result,” the petition read. “Sophia and Farrah Abraham do not need to own any more animals and have their horse and current puppy removed from care.” The cause of Blue’s death, however, has not been confirmed. 

Yet this isn’t the first time the now-boxer has taken the heat for her daughter’s outfit choices. On Friday, July 20 she shared a snap with Sophia — but all people could focus on was the youngster’s belly-baring ensemble. “Why does Sophia have on a half shirt? ?So she can be pregnant at 16 like you?” someone slammed. Another added, “Pls put on a shirt that covers her belly. Not appropriate for a young kid,” and a third shamer chimed in, “She’ll be 12 and Pregnant.” Jeez.

At the time, Farrah told In Touch exclusively, “The crop top is by ChickByGlossy,” the 27-year-old said. “Sophia owns her own store is very fashionable — she loves expressing herself with fashion and makeup, and she picks out her outfits. It’s Summer, so Sophia, to me, wearing a hoodie is very covered. Proud of my daughter and her Glam lifestyle.” 

Previously, Farrah defended her daughter’s decision to wear makeup to school, saying, “You know, when your kids are five or six they already start playing with makeup, and I was the only mother in freaking elementary school getting called in to deal with makeup on her daughter.” She added, “So I said to them — and I proved my point because then the principal switched schools — I go, ‘Well then you should take off your makeup. If you don’t want little girls coming to school with makeup then don’t wear makeup.’ And then ever since I’ve seen that principal she hasn’t had makeup on her face.”

Moral of the story? Don’t mess with mama bear!

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