Another day, another drama for Farrah Abraham and her estranged mother Debra Danielsen! In a new excerpt from Deb’s upcoming memoir Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim To Catfishing released by Radar, she claims that Farrah viciously attacked her in 2010, and then called the police to cover her tracks.

We all remember how the story played out in public: Debra allegedly threw a shirt at Farrah’s daughter Sophia, then grabbed Farrah by the throat and hit her in the face. However, Debra’s side of the story, which comes out in full on Jan. 30, reads totally differently. “Farrah has beat me up, pulled out a large amount of my hair, I had been crying from the pain,” Debra wrote. “After all of this, she had quietly gone upstairs to call the police and turn me in for hitting her.”

Deb now says that the only pain she inflicted on her daughter was when she accidentally “hit her lip and her tooth cut her lip, so she had one drop of blood on her lip.” She says the only reason that happened was because she was flailing around trying to stop Farrah’s attack.

Of course, Farrah wasn’t about to take that laying down. “She was found guilty, was put in jail, has it on her record, had to do social service work, and could not be left alone with my daughter. My mother is mentally unstable, jealous of me, and is intimidated by what God has given me to succeed in life. I love her and always wish her the best.” She went on to lament Debra’s “cruel behavior.”

But Debra’s claims didn’t stop with physical abuse. She also said that she was left in the dark about Farrah’s 2013 sex tape, and found out about it only when a reporter called for a quote. When she confronted Farrah, the reality star “snapped back and said that Michael and I overreact and need to get our s–t together. She didn’t need us ’embarrassing her.’ That hurt. Two days went by and Farrah didn’t come out of her room while I was home.”

To this day, Debra says the relationship is strained. “My daughter doesn’t talk to me. I haven’t seen Sophia since Oct. 20. It’s sad, I’m stunned, I’m not considered at all. It’s sad and heartbreaking.” Honestly, these two seem better off apart.

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