She’s still fuming! It’s been three months since Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham revealed the shocking news that she was fired from the hit MTV series after she claimed she was discriminated against because of her work in the sex industry. But less than a week later, she revealed that she had only been “fake fired” and she still made her return to the series when Season 7 premiered— and now fans are getting a sneak peek into the conversation that led to all of this drama.

In the clip, fans got a glimpse at Farrah being rude to a producer named Kristen — and while viewers are used to this behavior from Farrah, the MTV and Viacom crew looked like they were fed up with it and executive producer Morgan J. Freeman had a sit-down conversation with Farrah to try to level with her.

“We want to look at just how people are treated. Do you feel like you respect the people around you trying to make the show and spend all this time…” Morgan started, but Farrah quickly cut him off. “You know, I respect a lot of people who respect me,” she said.

Morgan told Farrah that she has “very little empathy or compassion” for other people. He also told her that she needed to have respect for the crew and producers who work to create her show, and he pointed out that they put a lot of work into making her happy while filming — but he admitted that they’ve reached their breaking point and they’ll have to start looking their options of how to move forward.

Farrah wasn’t phased by his thinly veiled threat and she refused to accept the fact that Morgan was basically telling her that out of the nine moms on the show, she’s the most difficult to work with.

Of course, the outspoken Teen Mom star had something to say about the fact that this footage is being used to tease the next episode of the series. “I started this show [and] I’ve outgrown the show [and am] moving on from this show,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m not stuck down in a Teen Mom pit with fake friends, relationships, horrible producing, not safe for my child environments, unlawful ethics [and] companies, depression, etc.” Watch the video below to see Farrah’s full rant!

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