Apparently, fans don’t think this is a great look. After Jeremy Roloff revealed that he and his wife, Audrey Roloff, would like to buy a farm of their own, Little People, Big World fans asked why he wouldn’t just take on Roloff farms. Specifically, when a fan asked the show alum, “Why not your family’s farm?” he responded simply with, “Very expensive.” That led a lot of people to question why Jeremy’s dad, Matt Roloff, would put purchasing the family’s land out of reach for his son.

“So Matt would rather sell the farm to an outsider than see his children run it??” one person wrote in the comments of Jeremy’s original Instagram post about the topic. Another person wrote, “How sad. The farm should always [be] in your family. Hard to believe your parents aren’t making sure you all can raise your children there. Unreal.”

Jeremy Roloff

A different fan responded, “Aren’t you part of the farm? You are a Roloff isn’t the farm your dad and mom’s farm? You shouldn’t have to buy it they should let you take the farm over.” But not everyone agreed with that idea.

“Even if Jeremy wants to take over Roloff, why should it be expected that it’s handed free?!” one person replied. Someone else wrote, “With Matt always talking about wanting his kids to take over the farm, it never occurred to me that you would have to buy it. I mistakenly assumed it would be handed down. I hope you find the farm of your dreams 😀.” Even Jeremy replied to someone who said, “Doesn’t it cost money to buy ANY farm?” by replying, “Last I checked nobody was handing them out for free 😂.”

One of the reasons fans might find it a little odd that Jeremy seemingly can’t buy his own family farm is because on the season finale of Little People, Big World, Matt, 57, said that his kids weren’t interested in taking over Roloff farms. “None of the kids have expressed any real … I mean they love, taking advantage of the place like a park,” Matt said during a conversation with ex-wife Amy Roloff, her boyfriend Chris Marek and Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler. He later said of his kids not being involved in the upkeep of the place during a confessional, “Would I have loved it if one of them would’ve taken a bigger role in that? Yeah, I would’ve loved it.” Uhh, clearly Jeremy is interested! So what’s the problem here?

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