The poor kid can’t catch a break! Jill Duggar‘s toddler Israel hasn’t been feeling so hot lately, but rather than just letting him rest up and feel better, the former Counting On star decided to show off her sick son’s recovery on Instagram. On Tuesday, February 19, the mom-of-two took to the social media site to give fans a glimpse into what her day was like — and it wasn’t so pretty. And some fans thought the whole thing was just straight up inappropriate.

“Israel woke me up this morning saying he was about to throw up!” the 27-year-old shared online. “We made it to the toilet before [he puked], then it was [bath] time and back to bed. No more loss of fluids for a couple hours, so now it’s popsicle, goldfish, jello and [TV] time!” She mentioned that the jello she’d gotten was actually from family friend Jennifer Hartono and her brother, then added, “Hopefully the rest of us stay well!”

The star also let fans know that getting “popsicles as rewards, or when there was throw-up or blood” was something of a tradition in the Duggar house growing up and one that she’d carried on, but that’s not what fans were objecting to. Instead, they were mad she’d posted a photo of her sick son at all. “Why do you need to share this?” wrote one commenter. “It’s just not necessary to share all the gross details!” Another added, “Only you would think that taking a photo of a sick child is Insta-worthy. And feeding him sugar water on a sick stomach, rather than camomile tea and dry bread!”

Other fans objected to the fact that Jill’s younger son, Samuel, seemed to be cuddled right up to his big brother with no regards for his own health. “Get ready for Sam to have it since you are letting them lay around together. 🙄🙄🙄 Keep them away from each other. #parenting101,” read one comment. “Sharing toys, blankets etc without them being sanitized. She’s just asking for Sam to be sick. And he’s a baby. Could be a million times worse for him,” added a second. A third chimed in, “Why would you put Samuel with your sick kid? Idiot of a mother much?”

Luckily, Jill shared an update with fans the next day, and everyone seemed to be feeling better. And hey, at least she was showing Izzy a little love and not shading him again, right? We’re just hoping that bug doesn’t continue to circulate around their house!

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