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Those Celebrity Quotes You Share on Twitter and Pinterest? A Lot of Them Are Fake

You’ve probably come across a fake celebrity quote and didn’t even know it. They pop up on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter, usually in a pretty graphic that’s just oh-so shareable. You share it with your friends on Facebook, upload it to Reddit, and the quote spreads across the Internet like a venereal disease. By the time it starts getting picked up by blogs and websites, it’s too late. Everyone now totally believes a completely fabricated rumor.

And celebrities aren’t happy about this either. Thanks to fake tweet generators, people can easily create false tweets and then spread them across the Internet. Since the average person doesn’t check the validity of the things they see on social media, people take the fakeness as fact and the rumor becomes reality. In fact, the rise of “fake celebrity quotes” has gotten so bad, there are even parody Tumblr accounts that poke fun at the phenomenon by adding obviously fabricated quotes on top of pics of stars.

“How are people allowed to make up s–t & then put quotes around it saying I said that s–t! WTF!!?” Miley Cyrus tweeted after she was accused of saying negative things about Beyoncé in an interview. Of course, the quotes were completely fake, but they still managed to get picked up by websites like Perez Hilton. And it’s not just Miley — it’s happening to other stars, too. From Paris Hilton to Justin Bieber, it seems the old rule of “don’t trust everything you see on the Internet” has fallen on deaf ears as of late. And as much as we’d love to sit on our high horse and act like we’ve never believed any of these fake quotes, we actually did fall for a few of them. Hey, it happens to everyone. But seriously, do your research! Check out the gallery below to see fake celebrity quotes these stars definitely did not say.

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