We’re still swooning after watching Ember Jean Roloff‘s birth special on TLC on May 1! Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have documented every step of their pregnancy, birth, and experience being new parents online, but getting to see it happen in real time was so special for fans. However, there’s one thing they didn’t mention: a minor birth defect in Ember’s mouth that doctors recommended she get surgery for.

In the birth special, Jeremy revealed to his dad Matt that Ember came out “happy and healthy,” but Audrey later learned and revealed on Instagram that the baby girl actually had an issue that made it very hard for her to breastfeed. “We later found out Ember had a significant lip and tounge tie,” she wrote online in November. Breasfeeding USA described lip ties as when “a baby’s lips can be attached to his/her gums, making it difficult to get a good grasp on a nipple. Babies who have lip ties almost always also have tongue ties, [which is when] tissue [under the tongue] is so tight that they cannot move their tongues properly.” The issue “can affect their ability to breastfeed, or even take a bottle or a pacifier.”

Audrey was dead-set on breasfeeding exclusively, so this was devastating to her. Luckily, there are a few very simple surgeries doctors can do to separate this extra skin and fix the problem. “Tongue and lip ties can be released either with a scalpel or scissors, or by laser,” explaines Breastfeeding USA. “Lasers do not require anesthesia, and seal the revision instantaneously, so there is minimal bleeding and no risk of infection.” Babies can even start suckling right away!

One of the surgeries were recommended to Audrey, but she has not revealed whether or not Ember had it done. However, during Ember’s two-month update, Audrey revealed “here we are two months later and Ember has been exclusively breastfed for the past 5 weeks!!! So much hard work and prayers have come to fruition,” so it’s possible that she got it done so that Ember could eat properly. Either way, we’re sure she did what was best for her daughter!

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