You’ve been warned! It’s no secret that people are low-key obsessed with watching videos of gross stuff — whether it’s popping massive pimples or vacuuming a ton of blackheads off someone’s face. I wish I was joking. There’s something extremely satisfying (albeit, disgusting) about watching them. Luckily for you, I’ve managed to track down the worst of the worst — er best of the best? — when it comes to ear wax removals. Watch the video below, but make sure you don’t plan on eating any time soon!

Recently, doctors have advised the public to put down the cotton swabs. According to Dr. Jennifer Smullen, an otologist and neurotologist (a specialist in surgery of the ear and nerves to the ear) at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, “The more common thing that happens is that the Q-tip is exactly the size of your ear canal, so when you put it in your ear, you push the wax in deeper and it gets stuck, and then you have to have some help to get it out.” In other words, the reason these people in the video above have so much wax compacted into their ear canal is that it got rammed down with Q-tips, so stop shoving them in your ears, guys.

She added, “The ear canal makes wax for a purpose. The wax in your ear waterproofs the ear canal and keeps water from going in and getting stuck, sort of like wax on your car. If you clean your ear with a Q-tip, that strips the wax and lets the water stay in.” She also revealed that the best way to remove excess ear wax is actually with a tissue. “The best way to clean your ears is to take a tissue and drape it over your finger, and anywhere you can reach with your finger, it’s safe to go.” So there you have it! You’re welcome for that mini anatomy lesson.

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